clubhopper15 (clubhopper15) wrote in sat_help,

Some questions

Hey guys, I'm new to this community. It looks cool. Well I am an American born and educated outside of America - that's why I am kinda clueless about SAT's, because I am in a British school. For college I plan to apply to both US and UK universities. I'm going into my junior year of high school in August. I was wondering if you guys could please answer some of my questions.

1. About how long did you guys take to prepare for SAT's (what time frame should I give myself. Am debating between taking it in November or June).

2. Did u take it in your junior year or senior year (or both)? I feel like I may have too much work in my senior year (as I also have to do exams for the England univerisites)

3. How many SAT II's did you take? (Of course it depends on the schools you apply to, but I'm just asking for anecdotes)

4. Which books would you recommend to help me prepare?

Thanks guys!
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