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Welcome to sat_help! This is the only community on LiveJournal dedicated solely to SAT discussion, preparation, tips, assistance, and other related topics. The SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I), SAT Subject Tests (SAT II), and Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) can each be discussed here.

You can use this community to ask for help with a certain part of the test, get encouragement, share strategies, compare scores, recommend prep books (or sell your old ones), talk about the 2005 changes to the SATs, discuss the controversy around high-stakes standardized testing, post vocabulary lists, and anything else you'd like, as long as it's about the SATs. You can also post your scores if you'd like, though please be honest!

If you are looking for vocabulary lists or any other useful posts, please consult the Memories.


• No spamming or promoting your communities without permission. If you would like to do so, contact the maintainer.
• All large or blinking images (other than icons) behind cuts — no exceptions.
• Long LiveJournal polls (Paid Account necessary) should also go behind cuts.
• Stay on topic, please!

Discussions about other tests and programs, such as the ACT, AP, IB, CLEP, GED, and the like do not belong here. Please use the interest and/or community search tools to find a more appropriate community if that is what you are looking for.

Helpful Links

General Information
The College Board's Student Website
Educational Testing Service

Practice Tests & Tools
Number2's Practice Tests
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Princeton Review PSAT Practice Tools
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Yahoo! Education SAT I Test Prep
Peterson's Test Prep Center
Like, Words and Stuff: SAT Vocabulary Words
4Tests Practice Exams
Study Hall Online Improvement Program
SparkNotes Test Prep

Daily Tips, Questions & Words
The College Board's SAT Question of the Day
SAT Word du Jour
PowerPrep SAT Tip of the Day
The New York Times SAT Question of the Day
The New York Times Word of the Day
Yahoo! Education Word of the Day
Kaplan Edge Newsletters
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Note: Some of these communities/accounts may not currently be active. If you do not wish to start discussion going again, you can always read back through old entries for lots of great vocabulary words and SAT tips.

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The maintainer of this community is beginning (Ashley). If you would like to contact her, you can use her @LiveJournal.com e-mail address.
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