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SparkNotes Practice Test

Helloooo! I'm new to this community (: I'm also relatively new to the American ed system and the SAT test but a couple of months ago I finally decided I was positive I'd like to go to an American college & therefore... research ensued. ;D I'm fourteen (a bit young to be thinking about this, admittedly) and in the UK. I finished a SparkNotes practice test about an hour ago & got a bit confused by the fact that my writing score didn't show up on the bar showing my score. So I calculated what it would be and added it on so I'd have a 1538. Which I'm really unhappy with, tbh xD I'm happy with it because it was from having done barely any maths in months & with no prep & having never done a test like it before. But I'm not happy with it because I'd like to get into a pretty competitive school, I think. The reason I mentioned maths, btw is because that was my spectacularly awful score. I scored 360 (28% ; 15/54) on math, 530 (62% ; 41/67) on critical reading & 648 (81%ish ; 40/49) on writing. My maths is completely awful, I realise & I'm pretty sure that quite a few I got right were complete guesses so obviously my maths score is a worry. So what did you use to get your math mark up? And also, is the SparkNotes test relatively accurate? I know nothing will ever be completely accurate or even very, very close but I was just wondering because I'm happy with my writing score, at least. Haha! So yes, any help please? (:

(I just realised that all SAT scores are rounded up/down. So my writing one isn't really right 'cept for the percentage & 40/49. Sorry 'bout that.)
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