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Hi y'all,
I'm going to be taking the SAT I test for the first time this October. I just finished my freshman year, and I need to take as much chances as possible to get a great grade on the test; it'll let me get out of high school for the last 2 years and attend this college program for high school students (kind of a complicated story, but that's not important). What's important is that I need to get competitive scores. I've already learned Algebra I and Geometry, and will be taking Algebra II during the sophomore year. But by looking through the math section in the practice tests, I only have 2 or 3 problems that I need help with. I will be starting Testmasters courses tomorrow, but over the weeks, I'll also be practicing on the 8 practice tests in the SAT Study Guide from Collegeboard, as well as the practice test on the website. I won't be paying for the online course and evaluate my essay though.

What I'm really asking for is, how to prepare myself better for the essay section? I heard (and read) that the essay section is only 30% of the Writing section, so if I don't do so great on it, I'll still be alright hopefully? I'm not too sure about that... I have a great book that helps me remember different vocabulary words, so I'm not too worried about my vocabulary. What I'm the most worried about is the essay and the reading passages. I read the world news off the Internet every day, but I don't think I've experienced and read enough to help me for the essay topics. And reading the passages and answering questions within 20 minutes terrifies me.
Any tips for a soon-to-be sophomore on the essay and reading section?

Thanks in advanced!! :)
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