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Questions concerning sat subjects Biology

Hello everyone.

I am a Portuguese student, currently in the 11th grade, last year of Biology~Geology, which is a subject that is learned for 2 years, having about 5.30hours per week.

I'm trying to do the SAT in June, and I wish you could recommend me some material to study, as I did a preparation test and a lot of subjects weren't really aborded during these 2 years. (for instance, where does the egg stores its wastes, the composition of the prokaryotics cellular wall, and some others...)
-I've been studying throught sparklenotes.com but I feel like it's not enough...
-I've seen people recommending Barron's prep book... and I'm considering buying it, but I have a question, does it explain all the subjects like you're an illeterate? Because I want that!! If Barron's prep book doesn't, is there any other that has "that effect"?
By the way, I'm not trying to pass the SAT, I'm trying to have a very good score, so... I don't mind killing my social life for 2 months, or how long it takes...

Thank you, I'd love some help!

I can take between Biology, Chemestry and Physics, I want to take Biology because it's my best subject and it's like... cramming a lot, right?
In Chemestry and physics, the Portuguese system is very different... and I think it would be harder to keep up with the american one :x.
Any advices on this way of thinking? Please expose!

Is the Biology SAT very hard? In comparison with physics and chemestry?
Thank you again! :)
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