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How do you improve your Critical Reading?

Hi, I am new to this Community...!

I am not a native speaker and I moved here in 8th grade....I am a junior in High School now..~
Im planning on focusing on the SATs over the summer, so I can take it in October of my senior year...(yes...I never took the real SATs before....

I took a lot of SAT classes and I have a massive collection of SAT prep books...but I found it hard for me to improve on my critical reading section....math and writing are relatively easy to improve on....the practice tests I did were mostly scored around 1900-2000...I usually get 700+ on math and 650+ on writing...but the 500+ on CR just KILLED me!!!!

I tried to memorize a lot of vocabs, but that doesnt help on the passages that much. I have trouble comprehending the theme of the essay, or when I do actually understand what they are talking about, I would screw over the questions...

I just dont  get it...:(

How should I improve on this section? More vocabs? More practices? or more books? 

Any Advice?

P.S. I heard that the SAT II US History is harder than the AP exam...is that true? I am taking it in June.
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